A sale

Years ago, I started a profile on Redbubble. It was a picture and art sharing site with shirt sales. I added a couple of designs and pictures there, but eventually forgot about it.

Today, I received an e-mail:

Apparently, someone had bought a bag with my piano picture on it! I was very happy and went to check out my profile on Redbubble. They have very much improved the site since my last visit! It now looks like a shop first. I was happily surprised.

So today, I spend the day editing my pictures and designs already on the site. They’ve added many items to sell, like phone cases and pillows. So I’ve been adding (and removing) items per picture/design to see what fits best. I’ll check to remove some products a couple of times, because I need to be strict here and only accept the best. Next, I’ll be adding my newer pictures to the site.

There are still some things I think could be improved on Redbubble. For instance, not all of the items get listed when viewing a category and you have to look closely to drill down further.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this happy news! I’ll be adding links to my Redbubble shop in my blogposts now, because it’s a pretty good looking shop. My Oypo shop is a Dutch site, pretending it knows English (which it only partially does). Deviantart is an okay site, but it doesn’t look nearly as professional. Redbubble is a better alternative. It doesn’t hold all of my pictures yet though, so it’s a work in progress!

This picture is mine. If you want to use it in any way, contact me or purchase it here.


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